Jason Charles
Jason Charles


My new novel 'The Claws of Time' is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! 


This is the Amazon UK link.



And here is the Amazon.com link. 




Before Natalie Bennett became the leader of the Green Party she was a theatre critic.

Here she reviews my play, Counterfeit Skin.



My new novel 'The Claws of Time' will be available soon. It is set in both the present day and the 15th century. 


A production of my play ''Estranged' completed a smash hit run at Sydney's Tap Gallery Theatre in 2014. Check out the pictures in the Gallery.


I have recently completed writing an historical play about King Richard III's ascension to the throne in 1483. I am looking for a way of getting this performed. Please contact me if you are interested. 


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About Jason Charles

Jason Charles took to creative writing at an early age as a form of self-expression, and had churned out three novels by the time he turned twenty. After a year of placing his short stories with literary magazines, he turned to playwriting. Estranged was the first he wrote, but not the first that he had performed. In 2006, his play Steam packed out London’s White Bear Theatre, followed by two very successful runs of his dark comedy, Counterfeit Skin, at the city’s Courtyard Theatre in 2008. Estranged finally received its premiere at the same theatre in 2009. Charles then adapted his third novel for the stage for his next production, Beyond Flesh and Blood, a dark psychological piece that opened at London’s Tabard Theatre just one month after Estranged closed. Since Beyond Flesh and Blood he has turned his attention to performing his poetry on stage and rewriting his first novel The Claws of Time for publication. In February 2014 he saw Estranged receive a much enjoyed revival at the Tap Gallery Theatre in Sydney, Australia. The Claws of Time was finally published on October 9th 2017.    

Jason Charles
Jason Charles
Jason Charles
Jason Charles
Jason Charles
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