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My novel THE CLAWS OF TIME is now available to buy on Amazon!





Facebook group for my new novel, The Claws of Time.  




The Claws of Time is the new novel by Jason Charles. River gains consciousness in the Tower of London wearing medieval clothes, not knowing who or where she is. Attempting to build a life for herself in modern day London, she deciphers from flashbacks the part that she played in the life of King Richard III over five hundred years ago. But convincing the rest of the world, and her boyfriend, of this is another matter.

Meanwhile, Petra Sherry is a singer-songwriter who has been on a self destructive path ever since she was abandoned by the man who inspired her music. Moving to London was supposed to be a fresh start for her and her band, but instead of working on a new album, she forms an obsession that sets her and River on a sinister and tangled collision course.



Hi folks. My novel, The Claws of Time, in which Richard III is a main character, is definitely well on its way. In the meantime, I have created a 'Did Richard III killl the Princes in the Tower?' Facebook page:



12th February 2014


Estranged in Sydney!






26th December 2013


Following its successful run in London in 2009, a production of 'Estranged' will be performed at the Tap Gallery Theatre in Sydney in February 2014. 


The production will directed by Brett Garland.


For more information, click on the link below.




My new novel 'The Claws of Time' is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! 


This is the Amazon UK link.



And here is the Amazon.com link. 




Before Natalie Bennett became the leader of the Green Party she was a theatre critic.

Here she reviews my play, Counterfeit Skin.



My new novel 'The Claws of Time' will be available soon. It is set in both the present day and the 15th century. 


A production of my play ''Estranged' completed a smash hit run at Sydney's Tap Gallery Theatre in 2014. Check out the pictures in the Gallery.


I have recently completed writing an historical play about King Richard III's ascension to the throne in 1483. I am looking for a way of getting this performed. Please contact me if you are interested. 


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