Jason Charles
Jason Charles

Plays by Jason Charles

Beyond Flesh and Blood

Performed at the Tabard Theatre, London.

15th June to 27th June 2009.


Performed at the Courtyard Theatre, London.

7th April to 3rd May 2009.

Performed at the Tap Gallery Theatre, Sydney.

13th February to 23rd February 2014.

Counterfeit Skin

Performed at the Courtyard Theatre, London.

22nd January to 10th February 2008.

Performed at the Courtyard Theatre, London.

22nd July to 10th August 2008.



Performed at the White Bear Theatre, London.

7th February to 12th February 2006.


Performed at the Barons Court Theatre, London. 

5th June to 10th June 2007.


The anthology 'The Flesh of God' is now available on Amazon.


The novel 'The Claws of Time' is available on Amazon.

Amazon UK link.


Amazon.com link. 



Before Natalie Bennett became the leader of the Green Party she was a theatre critic. Here she reviews Counterfeit Skin.



A production of ''Estranged' completed a smash hit run at Sydney's Tap Gallery Theatre in 2014. Check out the pictures in the Gallery.


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